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We Like The Way You Roll!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


For years, insurance companies have shied away from representing skating rinks and businesses in similar industries. While we, at Freiburg Insurance Agency, have always strived to provide the best coverage for your clients, there's a new company we've partnered with to make the process even easier!

The reason that some insurance companies offer either expensive insurance premiums or even worse, no coverage at all, to skating rinks is simple: it's out of the ordinary.

Out-of-the-box businesses are assumed to have different or more perceived risks, which may also be a factor as to why it's been historically more difficult to provide insurance for skating rinks. Instead of being penalized for your active establishment, let's celebrate it! Because our independent insurance agents have access to more companies than a single company would, we do the work of price-shopping with coverage that will protect your company best, for a rate that's right too.

Consider the coverage you'll need like general liability, property, umbrella, workers comp, participants, sewer, flood, and even liquor liability. Our insurance agents will walk you through the steps to ask you questions that may be relevant to your business and the protection that will help you get back to what matters.

We like the way you roll, so keep it up, and be in touch for the fair rate you and your attraction deserves!



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